Pho Thai Express Restaurant

Pho Thai Express Restaurant is an authentic Thai restaurant located in Montpelier, Vermont. They have been serving delicious food in Montpelier since 2015. Pho Thai Express restaurant is a popular Thai restaurant in Montpelier. Their bestselling menu items include noodle soup, Tom Yum seafood soup, and Boba Pearl.

The problem

They do not have a website that displays their online menus and food images. The only online media that they use is their Facebook page.

What I've done

Web Design

Websites need to be as simple as possible for the user to easily navigate easily through menus on the home page and calls to action. I optimized the images so the website will load faster.

Logo Design

To establish instant brand recognition, I designed a logo that answered their brand needs so I designed a logo with an authentic Thai style with the font and colors.

Responsive Site

I build websites to look good on all devices.


I did keyword research to understand what the users were searching for. I utilized these keywords in titles, headings, and calls to action to enhance organic search engine optimization.



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Kissane Associates Website Lighthouse Performance.

Kissane Associates Website Lighthouse Performance.

I use Gatsby version 3 which is even faster and optimized than Gatsby version 2 and Gatsby plugin image to boost the speed of the website and increase the lighthouse score in a meaningful way. To be able to increase their site availability in spotty connections, and are essential to making a nice user experience. I enable a service worker to make their site be view offline. I ran a lighthouse test and I was happy with the lighthouse score; it is all green which indicates that their website is SEO friendly and optimized.

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